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Taxi driver one of the first road users to fall foul of new 20mph London speed limit

A London taxi driver is one of the first road users to be caught exceeding the new 20mph speed limit on the first day of implementation.

The incident, published on social media by Roads & Transport Police Cabs Unit, occurred in Lambeth and saw the driver clocked at 35mph.

The highlighted offence has whipped up a storm amongst the public, with some suggesting prosecution on the very first morning of the new speed limit is somewhat harsh.

One reader, wrote: "No words of advice seeing as its the first day? I'm not excusing speeding but yesterday the taxi driver would have been just outside the tolerances of your advice and been given words of advice, today it's 3 points, a fine and increased insurance premiums."

Another wrote: "Do speed guns work on cyclists, as I'm now being overtaken by them?"

Along with the taxi driver, the #CabsUnit team also highlighted another driver, this time a none trade vehicle, who was clocked at 48mph along the same strip of road, who will also now face prosecution.

Transport for London (TfL) brought in the new lower speed limits across the central London TfL road network.

The 20mph speed limits will now be enforced across all TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone, which includes Millbank, Victoria Embankment and Borough High Street.

Image credit: Twitter - @MPSRTPC


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