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Taxi driver steps in to help female allegedly harassed by man outside nightclub

Image credit: Pixabay

A lone female has thanked a Stafford taxi driver who she says “may have quite literally saved her life”, after a man allegedly tried to sexually assault her in the doorway of a nightclub and then attempted to enter the taxi she was getting in to travel home.

The young lady now wants to warn others to be on guard against such predators.

The young woman, who is still in her teens, has said she was out on 12 August when the man approached and tried to assault her. The incident happened at around 12:45am on Bridge Street, Stafford.

As she entered a taxi, the man attempted to climb in, claiming he was taking her home. However, the taxi driver stepped in and stopped him in his tracks after realising the man and woman did not know one another.

The young lady wanted to use Facebook to thank the driver and alert others. Writing on Staffordshire Tactical Information Group, she said: “I’d like to thank the Kaminksi driver who stopped that man from assaulting me. You may have quite literally have saved my life.

”A man was trying to get into the taxi claiming it was his and he was taking me home, and luckily the driver spotted what was going on.

”Moments before he had cornered me in a doorway and attempted to sexually assault me. If anyone saw anything or knows who the bloke was please contact the police.”

Speaking to TaxiPoint, Staffordshire Tactical Information Group, said: “Disturbingly, just heard from the girl [victim] and the police haven’t even requested the CCTV footage from the club.”

According to Stoke Sentinel, a spokesperson for the police, said: “A man jumped ahead of a woman and got into a taxi in Bridge street, Stafford, at around 12:45am on Wednesday.

”Although no threat was made, he was asked to leave by the taxi driver who was concerned for the woman’s safety.”


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