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Taxi driver stuck in snow outside police station with bald tyres hit with points on licence

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

A taxi driver was hit with multiple points on their driving licence after police found a stuck cab wheel spinning with bald tyres in heavy snow outside the police station.

The beleaguered cabbie was slapped with the ticket after South Derbyshire Police Response Unit noticed a taxi stuck in snow on Saturday 2 January.

Officers found the vehicle trying to move in the snow had multiple slick tyres causing the cab to lose grip in the wintery conditions.

South Derbyshire Response Unit said via social media: “Whilst gritting the outside of the police station in the heavy snow a taxi gets stuck unable to move forward with its wheels spinning... Why?

“Because it has bald tyres.

“Ticket issued, 3 points per tyre. Should know better...”


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