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Taxi driver urges other cabbies to get on board Pimlico Plumbers' campaign to help Chloe Beat Cancer

Image credit: Pimlico Plumbers

A kind-hearted taxi driver is urging fellow cabbies to get on board with the Help Chloe Beat Cancer campaign after visiting Pimlico's Sail Street HQ to get a fundraising sticker for his cab.

Dave Raymond, who has close ties to the Pimlico area, knew that he wanted to get on board with the campaign as soon as he heard about it from family members.

The 57-year-old cabbie of more than 30 years has written to the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), asking them to back the campaign, and wants other drivers to help in any way they can.

Dave Raymond, 57, of East London, said: “I grew up around Pimlico and I’ve got a big family around there still, which is how I heard about it. Chloe's family is from Pimlico too. I've picked them up in the cab before and they are such a lovely family and Chloe is so brave I just knew I wanted to help.

"I don’t know how the family have managed to cope but I'm delighted to support this great cause by having a campaign sticker on my cab and hope that some of my fellow drivers will get involved in some way too and help Chloe get the treatment she needs.

“It’s a really good cause and everyone needs to get behind it if they can."

The 10-year-old needs £273,000 to get specialist care in Barcelona and then, if that is successful, Stage 2 of her treatment requires a further £127,000 for treatment in New York, taking the total needed by Chloe to £400,000.

Pimlico has pledged to donate £1 from each of the more than 2,000 jobs they complete weekly and their fleet of vans is also being fitted with campaign stickers, appealing for more people to get involved.

Image credit: Pimlico Plumbers

Many other companies are rallying around to help too. Advertising director Simon Withington has created a new Pimlico advert which will soon be broadcast on London Live, which has also recorded a news feature show this week. UK Billboards has donated £10,000 of free digital advertising space and hundreds of people have taken part in fundraising events or simply donated to the fund, driving the current total to almost £220,000.

Image credit: Pimlico Plumbers

Visit Chloe's fundraising page here for more information and ways to get involved.

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