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Taxi driver who clapped and made SEAL NOISES after passenger asks for ‘Seel Street’ goes viral

A Liverpool taxi driver who started clapping and making seal noises after his passenger asks for ‘Seel Street’ went viral on social media this week.

Tony Carroll said via social media: “I get the f***ing weirdest taxi drivers honest to god I’ve just got in the jobe and said “seel street please mate” he then starts making some mad seel noise and clapping his hands hahaahahahaha”

The message prompted over 11,000 likes and several hilarious responses.

One responded: “Flashback of being in an Uber in Manchester and as we were getting out we looked back n the driver opened his glove compartment, took out a fake moustache, stuck it to his face and drove off.”

Another said: “Mine played bandaid on repeat for a cab journey from Medway to Clapham.”

Another poster said: “Should have thrown him a fish.”

And finally, if you were wondering what a ‘jobe’ was… it’s a Liverpudlian slang term for the word taxi!


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