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Taxi drivers and firefighters volunteer to distribute food bank supplies to help those most in need

Taxi drivers and local firefighters in North Yorkshire helped the StoreHouse food bank to distribute vital supplies to the community.

The food bank in Richmond was helped by local taxi firm Star Cars and the fire service, who both volunteered their time, delivering food and essentials to those most in need.

The StoreHouse was created by the Influence Church to help meet the needs in communities and offer support in an even greater way.

A spokesperson on the StoreHouse food bank website said: “StoreHouse is designed to help meet the needs of our wider community through providing emergency food supplies to those who, through whatever circumstances, are not able to provide adequately for themselves or their immediate family.

“Through a ‘food bank’ style scheme, StoreHouse will help meet needs caused by rising food prices and increased poverty.

“We have also linked with other support agencies in our area that are able to refer ‘clients’ they are already working with to be able to benefit from this project.”

A spokesperson from the Influence Church continued via social media: “We are amazed by how much the community is coming together at this time. Lets share this positivity and focus on the Heroes in this crisis.

“Last week we had lots of support delivering food to those who couldn't get to us.

“Thanks so much to the Fire service and StarCars for volunteering time to do this.

“They supported us operating social distancing measures.”

Image credit: StoreHouse (Facebook)


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