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Taxi drivers angry at Cardiff Council plans to ease vehicle cap on Euro 6 and electric taxis

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Image credit: Unite Wales

Cardiff taxi drivers swamped County Hall this morning to protest against plans to remove the taxi vehicle cap for electric and Euro 6 cabs.

Unite Wales claim the move will make it even harder for drivers with older vehicles currently licensed to make a living and invest in new greener taxis.

A sizeable number of taxi drivers were seen outside County Hall this morning at 9am to air their concerns.

A Unite Wales spokesperson said: “We’re at County Hall in Cardiff where Taxi Drivers are protesting against plans to remove vehicle cap restrictions for Electric/Euro 6 cars.

“This plan will let those with newer Electric/Euro 6 cars prosper, while poorer drivers with older cars will struggle to make ends meet.”

Alan McCarty, Unite Union Officer, added: “There are already plans to make all vehicles electric in a few years.

“How are poorer drivers expected to have funds to purchase these in an already oversaturated market?

“Giving new licenses only to those already financially capable of owning Tesla makes it worse, Cardiff Council.”


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