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Taxi drivers being left to clean up the mess of face masks left in cabs by passengers

Image credit: Twitter

Some taxi drivers are being left to clean up the mess of dirty face masks which are being left in the back of vehicles by unruly passengers, raising concerns for their health.

Taxi passengers must now wear a face covering when travelling to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson during an update on the latest rules put in place to tackle the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Unfortunately not all taxi passengers who are entering vehicles with a face mask, are taking them with them when getting to their destination.

A number of drivers have taken to social media highlighting the dirty masks they are finding in the back of their cabs. Many drivers are cleaning the passenger area of their cabs between fares, meaning every time a face mask is either left on the floor or the seating area, the driver has to pick it up, and find a safe place to dispose of it.

One taxi driver posted a picture of a dirty mask, covered in make-up, which was left on the cab floor after a journey.

Another driver posted a similar picture, posted with the question: “What is wrong with people? Disgusting.”

With the latest measure put in place to protect the spread of the virus, wearing a mask and then leaving it on the floor for a driver or passenger to be exposed to, creates the risk of the virus being passed on.

It’s probably fair to say that if someone is making the effort to stick to the rules of wearing a face covering while travelling in a taxi as they should, then they should also be making the effort to take the masks and dispose of them sensibly instead of leaving it for the driver to clean up.


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