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Taxi drivers must undergo LEVC panoramic roof checks before 25 June or face licence suspension

Image credit: LEVC

Transport for London (TfL) has today contacted registered keepers of the electric LEVC TX eCity taxi to warn them their vehicle licence could be under threat if they do not undergo an inspection on its panoramic roof in the next month.

Taxi manufacturers LEVC initially wrote to drivers and fleet owners in February 2021 as part of an active service campaign and has recently contacted drivers again who are yet to undergo the checks.

Sources from the Coventry based manufacturer have stressed that the work is only a cautionary check and not all panoramic roofs will have remedial work carried out. The checks come after inconsistencies were found in the adhesive bonding performance of its TX model’s panoramic roof.

Drivers are now being asked as a ‘matter of urgency’ to contact an LEVC dealer or LEVC Authorised Repairer to book an inspection. For a flexible appointment at home, or another address, the RAC are also carrying out inspections directly. Vehicle owners must have contacted LEVC or the RAC within the next 14 days and vehicle inspections must take place by Friday 25 June 2021 at the latest. If any repairs are required following the inspection, LEVC will carry these out free of charge.

Graham Robinson, TfL General Manager for Taxi and Private Hire, said in an email to drivers: “As the licensing authority and regulator for taxi services in London, we are writing to remind you that it is your responsibility, as the registered keeper of the vehicle, to ensure that the vehicle you are driving is kept in a roadworthy condition.

“We are in regular contact with the LEVC to ensure that all vehicle owners are complying with the recall and will be informed should you fail to make contact.”

TfL went on to add that failure to comply with the panoramic roof checks may result in the suspension of the vehicle’s licence to operate as a taxi.

Any taxis presented at a vehicle licensing inspection centre, that have not undergone an inspection by LEVC or one of its authorised repairers, will also not be licensed.


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