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Taxi drivers notified of NEW Transport for London lost property offices

Transport for London's (TfL) Pelham Street Lost Property Office (LPO) will cease to accept dropped-off property from taxi drivers starting from Friday 8 September.

The new facility, located at West Ham, will officially open its doors on Monday 25 September. Taxi drivers will be able to deposit lost property between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

In the interim leading up to the opening of the new east London facility, taxi drivers will now be asked to drop off any found items at a London police station between Saturday 9 to Monday 25 September.

The process for claiming any awards or retrieving lost items will remain the same. Drivers can contact the LPO with their relevant reference number to either claim an award or retrieve their lost property.

The updated address for the TfL facility at West Ham is as follows:

Transport for London - Lost Property Office

Stephenson Street

West Ham


E16 4SA

This move aims to streamline the lost property handling procedures and provide a new centralised location for taxi drivers to drop off any misplaced belongings. The location of the drop off office has however been questioned by some cabbies given its location away from central London. A journey from Trafalgar Square to the new LPO takes around 30-40 minutes each way out of a working cabbie's day.

Members of the public who have lost any belongings are encouraged to contact the LPO.


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