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Taxi drivers warned about ongoing PCN issues around Gatwick Airport drop-offs

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) issued a warning to taxi drivers about ongoing issues around parking charge notices (PCNs) at Gatwick Airport. Drivers are continuing to receive fines for non-payment and autopay failures at both the North and South Terminal drop-off zones.

Suzanne Sullivan, the LTDA Airport Representative, highlighted that the fines can take time to be issued, often weeks or months. However, there is a small silver lining as these are usually offered at a discounted rate of £60 if payment is made within 18 days of the notice. Should this window be missed, the charge escalates to £100, which must be settled no later than 32 days from the notice date.

Taxi drivers are urged to deal with any PCN promptly to avoid hefty fines and legal complications. Sullivan’s advice is clear: tackle the issue head-on to prevent a small charge from turning into a major financial headache.

Sullivan said in TAXI Newspaper: “We also continue to see NCP Gatwick parking charge notices from members for non-payment and autopay failures at the North or South Terminal drop-off zones."

Sullivan added: “As soon as you receive ANY PCN please either pay the fine/invoice or seek advice at the earliest opportunity. In my experience it is always best to appeal as soon as possible, to avoid these escalating figures, as an initial £60 fee seems a small price to pay compared to a visit to your local county court, with the possibility of a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against you.

“Gatwick fairly reasonable and understanding when communicating with them on our members’ behalf. They usually reduce a legitimate contravention down to a £15 goodwill offer. When we’re not successful, we find it’s usually due to the time lapse from the initial PCN.”


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