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Taxi drivers warned of Harrods drop-off fines

Taxi drivers have been warned about where they drop passengers off for central London’s Harrods store after a spate of fines were handed out to cabbies.

The popular London landmark remains a difficult place to drop-off for taxi drivers in the the capital, especially on Brompton Road, which has seen cabbies ‘caught’ on zig-zag lines leading up to the taxi rank.

Lloyd Baldwin said in TAXI Newspaper: “It’s an old one, but I’m still seeing lots of PCNs being issued for stopping on the zig zags at the entrance to the rank on Brompton Road.

“A lot of the members who receive these complain that they see the rank has gaps on it and assume they will be able to jump on the back, but then the drivers on the rank do not move forward leaving them stranded.

“Unfortunately, an appeal made on these grounds to TfL will fall on deaf ears. Now TfL PCNs are priced at £80 (if appealed or challenged within a 21-day time frame), it is a costly mistake. If you are on this rank, please take drivers behind you into consideration and keep an eye on the cab in front.”


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