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Taxi fares in Aberdeen could rise by 20% this summer in bid to attract new cabbies to trade

Updated: May 7, 2023

Taxi fares in Aberdeen may be rising this summer as the trade looks to encourage more drivers to hit the city's streets. The latest review of cab charges was presented to the city council's licensing committee, with two proposals being considered.

The first option was for a 10% increase in basic fares while the second option suggested a 20% hike. The last time fares increased was in early 2020 after a review in the previous year. Last year, taxi firms requested a small increase, but it was denied.

Despite the local authority's proposals, Aberdeen's taxi firms created their own charges, asking members to support them. They proposed that the basic tariff begin at £3 for the initial 950 yards of a journey, an increase from the current £2.60.

The taxi firms also asked for changes to the existing nighttime and weekend charges. Currently, trips over the weekend have a surcharge of £1 on top of standard fees. However, cabbies proposed introducing a basic charge of £5 instead. They also wanted to amend the nighttime hours, shifting them two hours earlier to start at 8 pm instead of 10 pm. Additionally, the firms requested that waiting times increase from £23 to £27 per hour.

Rainbow City Taxis' boss, Russell McLeod, expressed that the previous year was tough for the trade due to increasing fuel costs, vehicle purchase expenses, and parts and servicing prices. These factors left many cabbies out of pocket. Mr. McLeod argued that fare changes would be necessary to encourage more drivers to work during evenings and weekends and could attract new drivers to the trade.

It should also be noted that many drivers will face additional financial pressures as they need to buy new vehicles to comply with Aberdeen's Low Emission Zone (LEZ) regulations.


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