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Taxi fares in the Medway rise by £1 to help cabbies meet rising costs

The Medway Council have approved proposals put forward to revise the tariffs for hackney carriages, signalling the first such adjustment since July 2008.

The changes, given the green light by the council’s cabinet, will see the flag/starting price increase from £3 to £4, a decision influenced by the Medway Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (MLTDA) following a comprehensive survey among the drivers.

The recommendation for this adjustment was made by the Licensing Sub-Committee on 9 February 2024, with the Cabinet requested to set the new tariffs based on these proposals. The revised tariffs, if uncontested during a 14-day consultation period starting 21 March 2024, will automatically come into effect thereafter. This adjustment aims to strike a balance between ensuring drivers can provide a cost-effective service and maintaining reasonable fares for the public.

This initiative stems from the Council's adherence to its policy framework, which mandates a review of the taxi fare tariff upon receipt of a bona-fide proposal, ensuring decisions are made with due consideration to public affordability and the need to incentivise drivers.

The proposal represents a significant step towards updating the operational framework for hackney carriages in Medway, reflecting changes in the economic landscape and operational costs since the last tariff revision. The council, in consultation with stakeholders including drivers and the general public, aims to implement a fare structure that is both fair and reflective of the current times.


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