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Taxi finance firm offers to extend vehicle payment terms by up to two years due to COVID impact

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Finance firm Black Horse have offered selected taxi drivers a chance to extend the payment terms on their taxis by up to two years, according to sources.

Cabbies driving the LEVC TX can now extend their current agreement to prevent default and is designed to ease the burden caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since January 2018, just over 4,000 electric taxis have been produced by LEVC and licensed in the capital alone, already preventing over 30,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and, as a result, saving 17.5 million litres of fuel.

In a text sent by taxi manufacturers LEVC to some taxi drivers, it reads: “If you are a Black Horse customer, did you know they may be able to support you with your repayments by extending your current agreement by up to 2 years to prevent default?

“This would mean any payments you’ve not been able to make during the Pandemic could be absorbed within your new agreement giving you the peace of mind you deserve and allowing you to get back to normal much quicker.”


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