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Taxi firm Gett offers global workforce option to work four-day week anywhere employees choose

Image credit: Gett

Ride-hailing firm Gett are offering its entire global workforce the option of working a four-day week from anywhere employees choose.

This new ‘Gett Flexi’ policy is designed to offer employees greater flexibility and choice as the Company adapts to the post-COVID world. Gett’s global workforce of almost 1,000 employees are now entitled to choose between working a four or five day week. The four-day week will run from Monday to Thursday, allowing Gett employees to enjoy a long weekend and greater work life balance.

Gett has also offered staff the opportunity to work remotely indefinitely should they wish. Employees can choose their preferred remote location or to work in the office, or a combination of the two.

Gett Flexi was established following a recent internal staff survey which showed that 94% of employees were interested in a combination of remote and office working, with 26% expressing a desire to work remotely full time.

Yael Shaar Frisher, Gett VP HR, said: “We launched ‘Gett Flexi’ with a strong desire to become an employer of choice. Every person is different and we want to give our employees the freedom to choose the environment that suits them and their individual needs best. We trust our people to make the right choices and we hope that Gett Flexi will allow them to spend more time doing the things they love.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Gett has allocated additional budget for teams to enjoy social time away from work in lieu of casual coffee breaks and work lunches. From picnics in the park to socially distanced BBQ’s, Gett employees have continued to build relationships outside of the office. The Company has also offered all employees a £190 ($250) grant to buy office equipment to support remote working.

Keren Fanan, Chief Commercial Officer, added: “Covid-19 has given me the headspace to reflect and reevaluate in a way that seemed impossible before. As a mother with a full-time career and busy schedule I welcome ‘Gett Flexi’ both on a personal and professional level. For me, and many of those on my team, the morning commute has been replaced with time better spent with family, exercising or simply relaxing, while on other days I can work in the office as before the pandemic. In a wellbalanced and flexible work environment, people can truly bring their best to work. We follow the belief that happy employees make successful companies.”


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