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Taxi firms ask for customer patience as fuel panic-buyers hit cab service supply

Taxi firms across the UK have asked customers for their patience as cab firms are hit by fuel station panic-buyers.

According to some operators, cabbies have been forced off the road due to not being able to fill up on fuel despite trying multiple forecourts in the area.

One operator even reported incidents of abuse due to an inability to supply a taxi on demand.

A spokesperson from A1 Sheffield Taxis said: “We would just like to inform our customers that our services are currently being affected by the "Fuel situation" we currently find ourselves in.

“Our drivers are having to come off the road, being prevented from coming to work due to not being able to get the fuel they need or driving round multiple stations to fill up, due to people unnecessary panic buying fuel from stations.

“We will continue to service our community as much as we can but please bear with us.”

A spokesperson from Fareway Taxis in Chelmsford, said: “Can we just let all customers know, we are in the same position as everyone else with regards to the fuel situation, we are doing our upmost to accommodate everyone for their journeys, and our drivers are doing their very best to get fuel where they can and if they can.

“Unfortunately there has been a few incidents where staff have been abused for not being able to supply a taxi, this will not be tolerated, your numbers will be blocked and you won’t be able to use us again.

“Please can we ask you treat all staff as you would wish to be treated. Have a lovely day all.”

The panic-buying of petrol and diesel across the UK has prompted London’s black cab industry to request taxis remain on the emergency fuel supply register in the capital should the situation escalate further.

Panic-buying at fuel stations prompted some of the biggest operators to ration fuel. Large queues had formed at forecourts after BP shut 20 fuel stations and limited supplies at up to 100 more.

Asda brought in a limit of £30 per customer at nearly 400 stations due to “unprecedented demand and associated supply challenges”.


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