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TAXI FUEL REPORT: Diesel driving taxi drivers still paying over £40 per shift in fuel

Cabbies driving iconic diesel black cabs are still paying over £40 per shift in fuel costs despite a slight drop in fuel prices.

In our ongoing monthly feature, the TaxiPoint Fuel Report, we detail the true costs or savings associated with every penny change at the fuel pump. In the review it looks at three of the UK’s most popular cabs; the diesel TX4, the electric LEVC TX and the petrol Skoda Octavia.

Taxi drivers all work in different ways, so TaxiPoint modelled a few different scenarios and explained the workings out. Some drivers will work the LEVC cab completely off the electric charge, some a mix of electric and petrol, and there might even be a few mavericks out there who solely use the petrol range extender.

At the turn of August fuel prices stood at £1.96 per litre when filling up from the black pump, and £1.88 per litre from the green pump.

For electric it now costs on average around 28p per kWh to charge from home and roughly £9 for a full charge on public chargers.

As of 1 August 2022, taxi drivers behind the wheel of a diesel TX4 could expect to pay £40.28 per a 150-mile shift. Cabbies driving the electric range-extender LEVC TX were paying £29.96 based on the same shift and charging only once at home.

At the time of the analysis, prices have dropped in the first week of August and are expected to continue dropping over the course of August.

Here’s how it has impacted your pocket compared to last month and what you can expect to pay moving forwards.


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