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Taxi impostor caught illegally picking up passengers from Heathrow Airport

A taxi impostor has been caught illegally picking up paying passengers from Heathrow Airport by the Metropolitan Police's Roads & Transport Unit.

The blue Toyota Avensis was stopped just after leaving the airport's pick up terminal when the officers suspected illegal touting.

On further investigation, it came to light that the driver was not licensed to carry passengers, whether through a private hire licence or hackney carriage taxi licence.

Officers spoke to the passengers who confirmed that the vehicle had not been booked in advance for the purpose of hire and reward.

Officers confirmed that the driver had no valid insurance on the vehicle, and didn't even have a valid DVLA licence.

A spokesperson for the force said via their official Twitter account @MPSRTPC: "Cabs Unit stopped this vehicle leaving Heathrow after suspecting the driver was a tout.

"Passenger confirmed no booking in place. Driver had no licence to carry passengers along with no insurance or a DVLA licence. Driver reported for touting and other offences. Vehicle seized."

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