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Taxi manufacturers LEVC address industry questions on stock levels and future plans

Taxi manufacturers London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) have responded to industry questions over vehicle stock levels and long-term future with a statement.

Amidst growing interest in the company's operations and future plans, an LEVC spokesperson provided insights into their approach to production and market expansion.

The spokesperson highlighted LEVC's commitment to evolving into a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company. This strategy involves expanding beyond the production of the TX taxi, which has been acclaimed as the world's most advanced taxi. LEVC aims to offer a range of smart, green, safe, and accessible mobility solutions, signalling a significant shift in its operational focus.

Addressing questions about vehicle stock levels, the spokesperson clarified that LEVC maintains a consistent build rate each month at its Ansty production facility.

An LEVC spokesperson said: “LEVC’s strategy is to become a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company and the company’s new direction will see it grow beyond manufacturing the world’s most advanced taxi, the TX, and deliver smart, green, safe, and accessible mobility solutions to all.

“The production focus at Ansty remains on the TX taxi. In order to optimise production efficiency, LEVC maintains a consistent build rate every month, which means that stock levels vary throughout the year to reflect fluctuating demand – which is the case now ahead of the upcoming new plate in March.

“Last year LEVC revealed its new, fully-electric Space Orientated Architecture (SOA) – a new platform that will broaden LEVC’s product offering and global footprint. The first model to be based on SOA – the L380 – will be launched in China in 2024, with further global markets set to follow. Further SOA-based models will be revealed which will take LEVC into new sectors and new markets, alongside existing products.”


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