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TAXI OPERATION: Window tints removed, leaking fuel tanks and dodgy tyres found in Worcestershire

Image credits: Operations Patrol Unit (OPU) Worcestershire

The Operations Patrol Unit (OPU) Worcestershire, in collaboration with Worcestershire Regulatory Services, carried out a comprehensive taxi enforcement operation in Redditch on Sunday.

The initiative aimed to ensure the safety and compliance of taxi vehicles operating within the region and uncovered several worrying issues.

In a statement released via social media, a spokesperson from OPU Worcestershire shared the outcomes of the operation, highlighting the efforts of the law enforcement agencies involved. The operation saw a total of nine taxi vehicles inspected during the course of the evening.

Of the vehicles examined, alarming discoveries were made, resulting in three taxis being classified as prohibited due to dangerous defects.

One such defect was a fuel leak, which posed a significant risk to both passengers and the general public.

Two drivers were reported for defective tyre offences. Proper tyre maintenance is crucial for safe driving, and authorities took swift action holding the drivers accountable for their non-compliance with road safety regulations.

Furthermore, during the operation, it was observed that one driver had illegal window tints on their vehicle. Window tints that do not comply with legal requirements can obstruct visibility and compromise road safety. The driver was promptly instructed to remove the illegal tints to ensure they conform to the appropriate regulations and enhance visibility for both the driver and other road users.

A spokesperson from Operations Patrol Unit (OPU) Worcestershire said via social media: “Taxi enforcement operation tonight with Worcestershire Regulatory Services in Redditch. 9 taxi vehicles inspected with 3 prohibited for dangerous defects including a fuel leak and two drivers reported for defective tyre offences. One other driver had to remove his illegal window tints.”


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