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Taxi reps ‘TOTALLY OPPOSED’ to adding new £5 Heathrow Airport drop-off fee beyond metered price

Taxi driver representatives have ‘TOTALLY OPPOSED’ the ability to add a £5.20 Heathrow Airport drop off fee ‘extra’ to the metered price, claiming it opens up an unwelcome precedent.

According to a fares consultation carried out by Transport for London (TfL), a recommendation has now been forwarded to TfL’s Finance Committee for final approval.

Within the consultation it asked whether taxi drivers should be allowed to add an extra charge to the fare paid by passengers when they are dropped off at Heathrow Airport.

A new ‘Terminal Drop Off Charge’ now applies to ALL vehicles entering the forecourts of Heathrow’s terminals, although licensed taxis are currently on an exception list until April 2022.

A new £5.20 fee added to the fares looks likely to be given the green light to help drivers cover the costs of the new £5 terminal drop off charge and any card payment fees occurred.

In a statement released by United Cabbies Group (UCG) the taxi representatives REJECTED the idea of customers paying the extra. The UCG argued that by accepting extra it opens up an unprecedented opportunity for other private ranks and drop offs around the capital to charge similar.

A UCG spokesperson said: “The UCG totally oppose the Heathrow Drop Off fee being added to our meter ‘Extras’, or indeed paid by the drivers.

“If we do not challenge this, be prepared for station charges, road charging etc to follow. We are Publicly Hired and thus should have identical exemptions to buses.”


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