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Taxi reps urge black cab drivers to ignore hotel promoting Uber booking service in its lobby

A south London Hilton Hotel has caused a stir within the black cab industry by openly promoting Uber bookings in their reception area, prompting a trade representative to question whether cabbies should still actively service the location during times of high demand.

The image of an Uber booking screen was shared by Lloyd Baldwin, Executive SO at the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA), who expressed his disappointment in TAXI Newspaper.

Baldwin stated: "The Hilton Hotel in Tooley Street now seems to be advertising the American Mini Cab Company to its customers, in their reception. This is not really new, but I would like to inform members exactly where this hotel's loyalties seem to lie."

The actions of the hotel have sparked a debate regarding the loyalty of certain establishments towards different road transport services. Baldwin further expressed his personal stance on the matter by sharing his intention to ignore the hotel's doorman when he has the option to do so. He emphasised the importance of choosing the right moments to ensure customer satisfaction, taking into account that hotel guests may prefer traditional taxis over minicabs.

Lloyd Baldwin, Executive SO at Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), added: “For me personally, this hotel will now go on my list (it’s quite extensive) of the venues where I have great pleasure of ignoring the doorman of the hotel, who might attempt to hail me when I have a choice and it’s screaming busy.

“You have to pick your moments and take into account that the residents may have refused to be driven in a minicab. I am of course not saying refuse a fare, but if there is a legitimate choice to be made, I wouldn’t be serving this hotel.”


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