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Taxi tariffs in the north of England 38% CHEAPER than those in the south

Taxis in the north of England offer fares on average 38% cheaper than those in the south, new research has revealed.

A new study of taxi fares around the world, conducted by The Taxi Centre, has shed light on the cost of taxis across the north and south of England, as well as the Midlands.

Comparing the average prices of a taxi across England for a 5km journey, the research found that the north had the lowest price, with customers only paying an average of £5.25 for a 5km journey. For context, taxis in the south of England charge an average of £7.27 for a 5km journey, which is 38% more expensive than in the north.

The study also looked at the average starting tariffs of taxis across the nation, with the north of England boasting the cheapest prices once again. On average, taxis in the north start at only £2.38 on the meter.

The starting fare of taxis is decided by the local authorities in each area and differs depending on location, time of day, and journey distance. Notably, taxis in the Midlands also have an average starting tariff below £3.00, benefitting residents in the likes of Birmingham, Leicester, and Nottingham as a result.

The south of England has the most expensive average taxi starting tariffs at £3.06, 29% higher than those in the north.

A Taxi Centre spokesperson said: “Due to the pressures of increased fuel prices, maintenance costs and inflation rates, taxi prices are set to increase to meet this, to lessen the financial burden taxi drivers are facing. Locations up and down the UK have already seen the impact of this - in April 2022 London taxi fares rose for the first time in two years, in reaction to risings costs.

“Regardless of these price changes, we often rely on taxis to get us around from point A to B, whether travelling in our hometown or visiting a new place. We always recommend planning ahead, especially when in a new city, so that you can get an idea of how much your journeys will cost and budget for this. For any longer or more important journeys, such as travelling to a station or hotel, it may be a good idea to research contact numbers and operating hours of local firms or pre-book and pay for your taxi so that you don’t have to worry about finding one, or the expense on the day.

“Taking the time to compare rates and reviews of taxi providers means you are more likely to find the most affordable and suitable option for you.”


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