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TAXI TARIFFS: Moray taxi fouling charge increases to £200 alongside meter rise totalling 10%

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Taxi fares in Moray are to increase by 10% from 10 December 2022.

Fouling charges will also rise from £120 to £200 at the same time to ensure taxi drivers are compensated correctly for the inconvenience.

There are currently 94 licensed taxi operators in Moray, all of whom were contacted by licensing officers as part of the consultation on changes to fares. Following six responses being received, members of the Licensing Committee agreed to increase the fares. Taxi operators are still able to negotiate a lower off-meter price.

Chair of Moray Council’s Licensing Committee, Cllr Paul McBain, said: “While we appreciate the financial difficulties facing all of us this winter we must also balance that with taxi operators seeing an increase in costs too. Rising fuel and maintenance costs are two of the reasons operators told us they support the 10% increase.”


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