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TAXI TEST: The Knowledge of London ‘will not be dumbed down’ warns Knowledge Point school

One of the capital’s most used Knowledge schools, used by students studying to become taxi drivers, is adamant that standards should be maintained and never ‘dumbed down’.

The comment came following reports in The Times that a shorter version of the Knowledge of London (KOL) test could be introduced which would only take around 2 years to complete instead of the usual 3-4 years. It was argued that the test would be more streamlined to maintain standards and speed up testing, but further details have yet to materialise from the regulators.

The news has had a mixed reaction within the taxi industry. Whilst many agree that changes need to be made to attract new applicants into the trade, some believe changing the testing criteria is not the answer.

A Knowledge Point School spokesperson said: “We would like to update everyone on the Knowledge situation. For the last year we have a seen a steady rise in KOL numbers and we are excited about the prospects for the Knowledge process.

“We continue to provide the highest level of training, including classes, point sheets and call over facilities to our students and believe that thorough training makes for better cab drivers and shortens the time on the.

“We welcome anyone who wants to support us in anyway so we can maintain the highest standards.

“One thing we are certain of is that the Knowledge will not be dumbed down. Be lucky.”

There are also concerns that by making the test quicker and easier to complete it will impact the earning potential of cabbies via the metered tariff.

Trevor Merralls, General Secretary of the United Cabbie Group (UCG), said: “If, and I must emphasise if, there is a watering down of the standards on the Knowledge of London (KOL), make NO MISTAKE that will eventually be reflected via our meter.

“Be careful what you wish for. One tier or two, it’s up to you.”

A TfL spokesperson told TaxiPoint: “London taxi drivers are world-renowned for setting the gold standard for taxi services, due in part to the Knowledge of London. As the regulator of the trade in the capital, we regularly review the standards, including The Knowledge, working collaboratively with taxi trade representatives to ensure Londoners continue to receive a safe and reliable service.”


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