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Taxi trade rep urges drivers to disclose licence penalty points to TfL or face 3-month suspension

A prominent taxi trade representative, known as 'H', has taken to social media to remind licensed taxi drivers in London to promptly inform Transport for London (TfL) about any penalty points received on their driving licences.

Failure to do so could result in a three-month suspension during the licence renewal process.

In a series of tweets, 'H' - an expert in taxi driver licensing and appealing penalty charge notices (PCNs) - emphasised the importance of transparency, urging drivers to comply with the regulation and avoid unnecessary suspensions.

The representative asserted that TfL would inevitably discover any unreported penalty points when drivers applied for licence renewal.

"I'll say this again," 'H' posted on social media. "If you get points on your licence and you're a TfL licensed driver, then you must inform TfL straight away. If you don't, they will find out when you renew your licence, and a three-month suspension while they look into it seems to be the norm. Just tell them."

According to TfL regulations, licensed taxi drivers are required to notify them immediately if they accumulate penalty points on their driving licences. This information is seen as crucial for TfL to evaluate and maintain the safety standards of licensed drivers operating within the transport network.

Failure to disclose penalty points may lead to TfL suspending taxi licences while an investigation is conducted.

TfL holds the authority to renew, revoke, or suspend licences based on drivers' adherence to specified guidelines. Penalty points on a driver's licence may indicate unsafe driving practices or violations, which could require further examination.

Drivers can contact TfL directly to disclose any penalty points or seek further guidance regarding their licensing requirements.


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