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Taxi YouTuber reveals ‘hidden fridge’ in all LEVC TX black cabs in latest video

Updated: Jan 7

Image credit: Tom Hutley (YouTube)

Taxi driver and popular YouTuber Tom Hutley released a new video sharing the LEVC TX’s top hidden features that help cabbies work more efficiently.

Hutley, known for his engaging and informative content about the life and experiences of a taxi driver, has built a substantial following on YouTube, where he shares insights, tips, and tricks related to the taxi driving profession.

In his latest video, Hutley explores various lesser-known features of the LEVC TX, a modern electric taxi, which are designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of taxi drivers. Among the features highlighted are the vital 20mph speed limiters, which are crucial in urban areas like London where speed cameras are densely populated, and an ultra-efficient windscreen de-mister, essential for maintaining visibility in challenging weather conditions.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature Hutley finds is a 'hidden fridge'. The unique quirk of the vehicle is especially useful during the summer months when Air Conditioning is being used.

Tom Hutley's expertise and popularity as a YouTuber stem from his real-life experiences as a taxi driver, which lend authenticity and practical value to his content. His videos are not only popular among fellow taxi drivers for their practical tips but also attract a wider audience interested in the taxi driving profession and the automotive features of vehicles like the LEVC TX.

Hutley's exploration of the LEVC TX's hidden features is a testament to the evolving nature of taxi vehicles and the importance of staying abreast the latest technological advancements to improve efficiency and service quality in the taxi industry.


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