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TAXIPILOT: New app enters market to help taxi drivers find empty ranks and work more efficiently

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Image credit: TaxiPilot

A new innovative digital tool to help taxi drivers find work more efficiently has entered the market.

The new app called TaxiPilot provides real time information on the waiting time status of all taxi ranks in London for both ‘All London’ and ‘Suburban’ badge drivers.

The app was created for black cabbies by a fellow black cabbie, and the hope is that it will maximise taxi driver earnings by using their shift time more effectively. That could involve no more hanging around on slow ranks.

The creator behind the new TaxiPilot app, Thomas Were, said: “The aim is to provide licensed taxi drivers with real time information on how busy taxi ranks are. Each driver can then make a choice on which ranks to attend.

“We suggest that drivers only attend ranks that are green or amber. TaxiPilot uses a colour coding traffic light system to show drivers the status of the nearest five ranks around them.

“In addition, the dashboard feature shows drivers the status of around 80 points of interest nearest to them in real time. These points are updated every 30 seconds as the driver moves around.”

The app works by showing waiting times based on colour coding:

  • All London ranks, up to 15 minutes (Green), from 15 to 30 minutes (Amber) and over 30 minutes (Red)

  • Heathrow Feeder Park, up to 60 minutes (Green), from 60 to 120 minutes (Amber) and over 120 minutes (Red)

  • Heathrow Terminal ranks, up to 15 minutes (Green), from 15 to 30 minutes (Amber) and over 30 minutes (Red)

  • London City airport, up to 30 minutes (Green), from 30 to 60 minutes (Amber) and over 60 minutes (Red)

  • In all cases, Black means that particular rank is empty or low on cabs.

TaxiPilot works by auto updating ranks using drivers’ locations to determine time spent at the ranks. This will enable drivers to work safely without having to rely on current similar sources like Twitter and WhatsApp communities on the go.

Image credit: TaxiPilot

The people behind TaxiPilot also say the real time information for rank status means customers never having to wait too long in queues at stations and events while cabbies are nearby.

Cabbies can learn more or download the app via GooglePlay or Apple Store.


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