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TaxiPoint December 2022 Edition 44: A taxi’s age is just a number

After two challenging years in the taxi industry, 2022 has been one about resetting and growth. Don’t get me wrong, this year has thrown up its own problems with rising energy costs and inflation, but at least demand has bounced back and remains stable heading into 2023.

This year has seen several key legislative decisions that have helped provide a long-term direction for the industry. No more so than the VAT paid on all PHV journeys in the capital and we wait with baited breath to see if that stance will extend to the whole of England soon.

What will 2023 hold? More of the same when it comes to tariff rises and the problems recruiting new taxi driver applicants. We could also see frustrations escalate in regions where Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are set to begin.

This in turn could send taxi vehicle numbers into free fall due to a squeeze in investment during a recession and cost of living crisis. However, finishing on a high, we should see the finalised DfT Best Practice Guidance... We certainly continue to live in strange times!

In this edition…


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