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TaxiPoint launches UK-wide taxi driver consultation to gauge the impact of the pandemic on the trade

A leading taxi industry news source has set about consulting thousands of taxi drivers throughout the UK to gauge the impact of the pandemic on the industry.

TaxiPoint, a digital news source within the taxi trade with over 1million annual readers, have launched the UK-wide consultation asking drivers to provide feedback on the level of support offered to them by Government and licensing authorities.

The survey queries whether cabbies stopped working at any point during the pandemic and what prompted that decision. It also asks how likely drivers are to return to the industry once restrictions are lifted.

Other sections focus on the financial support offered to individual taxi drivers throughout the UK and also their thoughts on electric vehicles.

The taxi industry has been hit hard throughout the pandemic due to varying travel restrictions and lockdown measures since March 2020. Work levels have been unsustainably low, however there is now fresh optimism as lockdown measures begin to ease.

Perry Richardson, Founder of TaxiPoint, said: “The taxi industry has been heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic. With easement of COVID restrictions starting to gather pace, now is the time to take stock and listen to individual taxi drivers.

“This UK-wide survey will ask drivers to share their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, including the level of support received, work patterns and plans for the future.

“The results should provide insight to everyone associated with the industry and help shape the future response required.”


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