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TaxiPoint Magazine: Crucial conversations and critical issues discussed in latest May 2024 edition

The current issue provides an in-depth look at various challenges, such as the growing pressure on Glasgow taxi operators to meet emission standards and the Government’s VAT consultation impacting private hire vehicles (PHVs). The magazine also explores key discussions about automated vehicles and debates around street versus app fares.

One notable topic covers the ongoing campaign for black cab access at Bank Junction. Another focuses on the need for full road access for taxis to cater to diverse passenger needs. Additionally, readers will find insights into taxi drivers' experiences with fare dodgers, debates over reducing airport fees, and comprehensive business, regional, and enforcement news.

The publication offers a balanced perspective on significant issues, maintaining its reputation as a reliable source for industry professionals.

Stories in this edition include:

  • Emission standards deadline pressure mounts for Glasgow taxi operators

  • Automated Vehicles: The key industry discussions needed now

  • The Battle Between Street and App Fares: Does there need to be a winner?

  • Full Road Access: A necessity for taxi services to meet diverse passenger needs

  • Bank Junction: Key month ahead for black cabs access campaign

  • PHV VAT Consultation

  • How would a marginal VAT scheme work in the PHV industry?

  • Taxi Business News

  • Fare Dodgers: Taxi drivers share their most costly bilking experiences

  • Time to reduce airport fees?

  • UK, regional and enforcement news


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