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TaxiPoint Magazine December 2023 Edition 56 Released: A must-read for industry professionals

TaxiPoint, the taxi industry's leading news source, has released its highly anticipated December 2023 Magazine edition.

With over 90,000 recorded reads of the previous issue, TaxiPoint remains committed to delivering the latest insights and updates. TaxiPoint continues to be the go-to resource for taxi professionals.

This month's edition explores a range of thought-provoking topics that directly impact the industry. For more information and to read the latest edition, visit TaxiPoint's website.

Here's a glimpse into the highlights that readers can expect to find:

  • TERMINOLOGY: DfT retains recommendation that prevents PHV operators from using 'Taxi' or 'Cab'

  • CROSS-BORDER HIRING: Why is Section 46 being overlooked?

  • Traffic. It's bad. Really bad.

  • "Licensing authorities should not refuse to licence a vehicle purely because it has reached a specified age"

  • Q&A Mariusz Zabrocki - Talking Knowledge

  • STAYING SAFE: The DfT list surprising items all taxi and PHV drivers should carry

  • Uber London recruitment and response

  • The e-Scooter impact on the taxi industry

  • What effect does your no-claims bonus have on your insurance

  • Business news

  • UK news

  • London news


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