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TaxiPoint Magazine March Edition: Exclusive must read news from the UK taxi industry’s most read source

TaxiPoint, the UK's premier taxi industry news source, has unveiled its 59th edition this March, bringing to the forefront a series of compelling articles that analyse the landscape of the UK’s taxi services. With a keen eye on both national and regional developments, this edition promises insights into the evolving dynamics of the industry.

In an industry exclusive, Uber reveals the steady progress in the launch preparations for Uber Black Cab, affirming that recruitment and preparatory phases are proceeding as planned. The magazine also delves deeper into Uber's strategic expansion across the UK, exploring the rationale behind its ambitious growth plans.

With the global black cab brand at its disposal, the publication raises a critical question: are taxi drivers missing out on an invaluable opportunity to better advertise their individual services and maximise their reach?

A closer examination of the unwritten codes of the taxi world unveils an important practice: the avoidance of picking up passengers immediately after exiting a side road. This insight into the tacit rules governing driver conduct offers readers a glimpse into the complexities of taxi driving.

The edition also features comprehensive coverage of a recent House of Commons debate on cross-border taxi services, highlighting the divided opinions among MPs and the implications for the industry.

There’s a stark warning from a Scottish taxi driver about the precarious future for Scotland’s iconic black cabs. The story captures the attention, signalling urgent calls for support and more affordable taxi vehicles to preserve the service in Scotland.

Finally, another exclusive only available on TaxiPoint, there’s an engaging Q&A session with James Thomson which sheds light on the growing momentum calling for the return of black taxis to Bank Junction by 2025.

With over 70,000 readers in February 2024 alone, TaxiPoint's free-to-read and subscribe model continues to captivate a wide audience, offering in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and the latest news to industry stakeholders and enthusiasts alike.


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