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TAXIS AND BUSES ONLY: Cabs will be allowed access to new Blackpool pedestrian and cycle zone

Taxi image credit: Ross Campbell

In a move to improve road safety in Blackpool town centre, a new trial will see part of St John's Square become a pedestrian and cycle zone.

Starting from Monday, the area surrounding Blackpool Opera House and Winter Gardens will also only allow buses and taxis, with no loading between 10.30am and 6pm and no waiting at any time.

The trial will last for 18 months, with members of the public and businesses invited to share their feedback on the new restrictions.

The council's restrictions will also apply to the roads surrounding St John's Square, including Cedar Square, Birley Street, Adelphi Street, Carter Street, part of Church Street, and part of Abingdon Street. Only buses, taxis, and authorised vehicles will be allowed within the restricted zone during the trial period.

After six months, the council will review the scheme and may amend the order at any time during the 18-month trial. The decision to implement this trial comes after the council received an increased number of complaints from residents about traffic congestion and road safety in the area.

Cllr Paula Burdess, Blackpool Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Street Scene and Neighbourhoods, said: “In the past, this area has been a safety concern for pedestrians and road user, resulting in an increased number of complaints from members of the public and local businesses over the traffic behaviour in the area.

“By introducing a clear pedestrian and cycle zone we hope to improve safety for everyone using the area. Allowing buses and taxis to continue to use this route will ensure bus journey times are maintained and the businesses in the area remain accessible for all.”


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