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Telford taxi licence fee hike on the horizon

Taxi drivers operating within the Telford and Wrekin Council district may soon face higher costs for their professional licences, pending a decision by local authorities today.

The proposed adjustment sees a £20 surge in the cost for a 12-month licence renewal and a £45 rise for those opting for a five-year renewal.

The council justifies the proposed increases as essential to adequately cover the administrative expenses associated with issuing these licences. This financial recalibration aims to ensure that the licensing framework remains self-sustaining and effective in its regulatory role.

The council's licensing committee is poised for a meeting today, where the proposed fee adjustments will be scrutinised. Should the committee members green-light the increases, taxi drivers will be subject to the new fees starting from 1 April.

A consultation period spanning 28 days was initiated in January to gauge public and professional sentiment on the matter. According to the council, this phase passed without any formal objections raised against the proposed fee increases, suggesting a tacit acceptance within the community.


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