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Telford & Wrekin Council launches survey on CCTV in taxis which could cost cabbies £800 to install

Image credit: Telford & Wrekin Council

Telford & Wrekin Council has initiated a public survey to gauge public opinion on the potential benefits of installing CCTV cameras in taxis, aiming to enhance passenger safety.

The survey, which began on Friday 30 June and will continue for eight weeks, aligns with industry standards outlined by The Department for Transport (DfT).

The main goal of the survey is to gather evidence that will assist the council in determining whether making CCTV mandatory in taxis could significantly improve overall safety levels. At present, Telford & Wrekin Council operates a voluntary CCTV policy for taxis, and it has successfully acquired external funding to launch a pilot scheme for this purpose.

During the completed pilot scheme, 25 licensed vehicles have been fitted with CCTV cameras. To continue implementing CCTV, drivers will be responsible for a unit cost of approximately £800.

Deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for homes & enforcement, Councillor Richard Overton, said: “Safety of the people who live and work in Telford is paramount and CCTV may offer benefits for both passengers and drivers – but only if its something people think is necessary.

“Reported incidents involving Telford & Wrekin Council licensed taxis is low and CCTV is one tool we could use. As a collaborative council, we won’t proceed with any decisions until we have spoken with taxi users, owners and drivers to see where the evidence leads us.

“I would urge as many people as possible who have any involvement with taxis, to complete the survey, so we can make an informed decision.”


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