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Tesco and Uber link-up to offer fast home grocery delivery service

Updated: May 7, 2022

Supermarket giants Tesco and ride-hail app giants Uber have teamed up to offer home delivery of groceries in a number of UK cities.

20 stores across the UK will be offering the service, including Edinburgh, Bradford, Portsmouth, Norwich, St Albans and Letchworth.

Uber Eats couriers will deliver products ordered via the supermarket's Whoosh service.

Tesco launched its fast-paced delivery service Whoosh in May, which aims to deliver food and drinks in under 60 minutes.

Uber will use couriers from its Uber Eats platform to complete the deliveries.

Tesco hopes the partnership will help reach its target of offering the service from 600 stores by the end of the year.

Alex Troughton, from Uber Eats UK, said: "It's clear that the needs of businesses and consumers have been rapidly evolving in recent years and that trend is accelerating.

"This exciting new partnership will harness the best of Uber's technology to power superfast Tesco deliveries across the UK."

Fees for deliveries will be higher than those made via Tesco's traditional online grocery service.


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