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Test Your Taxi Knowledge: What’s a Livery Hall and how many of these TEN can you locate?

Updated: Mar 4

Embarking on the journey to become a licensed London taxi driver is to undertake the monumental task known as "The Knowledge of London".

This rigorous process, established in 1865, demands that candidates acquire an encyclopaedic understanding of the sprawling metropolis. Aspiring cabbies must memorise every conceivable route through central London, along with the locations of thousands of places of interest, including streets, squares, clubs, hospitals, hotels, theatres, embassies, government buildings, and other landmarks.

The examination process is formidable, often taking several years to complete, involving a series of oral tests conducted by examiners from the Public Carriage Office. Mastering the Knowledge equips drivers with the unparalleled ability to navigate the city's complex and congested streets with expert precision, a skill that GPS technology cannot replicate.

Included in the learning of London places of interest are Livery Halls. These Halls are nestled in the historic heart of London, are the homes of the City's ancient Livery Companies. These guilds, some of which date back to the 12th century, originally formed as medieval trade associations.

Today, while they continue to promote their respective professions and trades, their focus has shifted towards charitable work, education, and maintaining industry standards. The halls themselves are architectural gems, often rebuilt or refurbished over the centuries, standing as testament to the enduring legacy and social fabric of London's commercial history. Each hall is a trove of tradition, with its own unique story and contribution to the City's heritage.

Here we’ll test you on the locations of some of these illustrious Livery Halls, as they feature in the expansive mental atlas of a London cabbie. How many can you get?


  1. Goldsmiths Hall

  2. Glaziers Hall

  3. Coopers Hall

  4. Plaisterers Hall

  5. Stationers Hall

  6. Vintners Hall

  7. Fishmongers Hall

  8. Clothworkers Hall

  9. Drapers Hall

  10. Grocers Hall



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