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TESTING TIMES: Best and worst MOT pass rates in UK revealed

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

New analysis has revealed that Kirkcaldy, situated on the East coast of Scotland, is the area of the UK where you are most likely to fail your MOT.

The study by A-Plan Insurance examined the latest GOV.UK data on MOT tests and outcomes to reveal the areas of the UK with the highest/lowest percentage of pass rates.

Kirkcaldy comes in with the lowest percentage of pass rate when analysing all MOT tests in a calendar year. In this area, you have a 72.9% chance of passing your MOT.

Coming in as the UK area with the 2nd lowest chance of passing your MOT is Dundee. This fourth-largest city in Scotland has an MOT pass rate percentage of 74%.

Truro, with an average MOT pass rate of 74.5%, is the UK area with the 3rd lowest chance of passing this test. This Cornish town is almost twice as likely to fail than Enfield, London, which takes the crown as the area most likely to pass.

Plymouth comes in just above Truro with an average MOT pass percentage of 74.8%.

Coming in fifth is Aberdeen with an MOT pass rate of 75.9%, meaning that you have a fail rate of 24.1% in this area.

Making sixth place is Exeter with an average pass rate of 76.2%, this is 4% lower than the national average.

Torquay comes in as the UK area with the seventh lowest pass rate for an MOT at 76.3%.

In joint eighth position is Llandrindod Wells 76.7% and Perth 76.7%. Despite being 381 miles apart, these UK areas are equally as likely to fail their MOT test.

Telford, Bristol and Inverness all come in ninth with an average pass rate of 77.2%. Four out of five of the top ten areas are situated in Scotland.

Paisley, which borders the city of Glasgow, comes in tenth position with a 77.3% average pass rate.

Taking the top spot as the UK area with the highest percentage pass rate for an MOT is Enfield, London with an average rate of 87.04%.

A spokesperson for A-Plan Insurance said: “An MOT checks that your vehicle meets the road safety and environmental standards and is a requirement by law but it is a particularly easy test to fail.

“Small ways to fail your MOT include your screen wash not being filled up or having a lit-up warning light on the dashboard; ensure that you have checked both of these things.

“According to the Express, the average repair costs are £272 in the UK, coupled with the government limit of £54.85 for the service. This research highlights where some UK areas will be splashing the cash as, according to the latest data, they are more likely to fail this test.

“It is suggested that if an area is offering low costs for the MOT itself, you will incur higher costs for the parts that need fixing and/or replacing which is something we advise to be aware of.”

The research was carried out by A-Plan Insurance, which has more than 100 branches nationwide. The company, established in the 1960s, provides a personalised service to more than 900,000 policy holders.  


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