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TfL and Wolverhampton partner to check out of area PHVs for illegal number plates

Image credit: WV Protect (X)

City of Wolverhampton Council's Licensing team took part in a collaborative operation with Transport for London (TfL) aiming to identify illegal number plates on Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) operating within London.

In a post on social media, it was revealed that enforcement teams were utilising advanced infrared technology to detect the illegal plates effectively.

The operation is part of a broader strategy to ensure compliance with cross-border taxi and PHV regulations, which allow licensed vehicles from one jurisdiction to operate in another. Wolverhampton-licensed PHVs, therefore, can legally work in the capital but must comply with Wolverhampton's licensing standards, but controversially not London's regulatory requirements.

The need for Wolverhampton's enforcement team to conduct checks in London arises from the increasing trend of Wolverhampton-licensed vehicles operating all round the UK.

A City of Wolverhampton Council Licensing spokesperson said via social media: “Wolverhampton taxi compliance working with partners TfL in London. Checking for Illegal number plates on PHVs using infrared technology.”


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