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TfL committed to delivering MORE taxi-dedicated chargepoints… subject to funding becoming available

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Mayor of London says Transport for London (TfL) remains committed to delivering more taxi-dedicated rapid charging bays, but only subject to more funding becoming available.

Last week TfL agreed a new funding package with the Government lasting until 13 July 2022. TfL are hoping to achieve a longer term capital funding settlement as the capital’s transport regulators continue to struggle for cash post-pandemic.

According to the Mayor, current taxi chargepoints were funded by the Government and similar ongoing funding would be required.

There are currently 5,694 electric taxis in London who can access 84 dedicated rapid chargepoints in the capital. That’s one dedicated chargepoint to every 68 electric taxis licensed in the capital.

In a report conducted by TfL in 2019 it was estimated that over FORTY percent of London’s cabbies will NEVER have capability to charge electric taxis from home.

According to a Taxi and Private Hire Licensee Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), conducted by regulators TfL, nearly half (47%) of taxi drivers kept their vehicle at home on their driveway and a further 9% parked their taxi in a garage at home.

44% of those surveyed do NOT have the capability to install a home vehicle charging unit and would rely on public and dedicated charging facilities.

Assembly Member Keith Prince asked the Mayor of London why there was no mention of the number of dedicated rapid taxi charge points required by 2025 and 2030 in the Mayor’s ‘London 2030 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy’.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, responded: “Transport for London (TfL) Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy forecasts London could need around 40,000 to 60,000 charge points by 2030, of which up to 4,000 could be rapid charging points. This forecast considers the needs of high mileage essential road users, such as taxis, private hire, commercial vehicles and many others.

“As of May 2022, there are 10,800 public charge points in London, around 750 of which are rapid charge points, a 150 per cent increase in infrastructure since 2019.

“To promote the greening of London’s iconic black cab fleet, TfL dedicated 84 of the 307 rapid charge points it delivered to the use of zero emission capable (ZEC) taxis only. This was enabled by funding received from Government and involved engagement with the trade on prime locations. There are also 16 rapid charging hubs across London that are available to taxis, with one hub dedicated to ZEC taxis only.

“TfL has committed to continue to deliver taxi-dedicated rapid charging bays in locations where taxi drivers frequently work, subject to funding becoming available, working with the taxi industry to understand their specific charging requirements.”


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