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TfL licensed taxi numbers drop AGAIN by nearly 150 black cabs in one week as minicab licences surge

The number of licensed taxis in the capital continues to decline, with a further 146 cabs leaving the roads in just one week, totaling over 250 black cabs exiting the fleet in a just a fortnight.

The latest data from Transport for London (TfL) reveals that as of the week ending Sunday 22 October 2023, there are currently 14,761 licensed black cabs in London. This marks a decrease of 146 taxis compared to the previous week, despite the addition of 48 new electric black cabs to the fleet.

The drop in the black cab fleet follows a significant decrease of 119 cabs in the previous week, resulting in a total reduction of 265 cabs available for passengers over a two-week period. This rapid shrinkage raises major concerns for commuters and tourists in the city seeking to obtain a taxi.

On the other hand, private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers saw another surge in vehicles available to them, with an increase of 182 cars compared to the previous week. TfL issued a whopping 469 new licences, bringing the total number of licensed TfL minicabs to 90,947 in London.

The significant contrast between the decline in the black cab fleet and the increase in private hire vehicles continues to spark discussions about the dynamics of the city's taxi landscape.

Meanwhile, minicab drivers working for operators such as Uber and Bolt, are experiencing the opposite trend, with a growing number of licensed PHV vehicles hitting the streets. This surge in licences has however raised ongoing questions about the impact on congestion and the sustainability of the overall private hire industry.


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