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TfL NOT AWARE of any complaints made by public about LEVC TX taxi light

The Mayor of London says Transport for London (TfL) are NOT AWARE of any complaints made by the public about the LEVC TX ‘For Hire’ light.

The Mayor also suggested that the issue was something the cab’s manufacturer would need to ‘consider’, following industry feedback.

Feedback from drivers of the electric TX black cab, and those trying to hail the taxi, has suggested difficulty seeing whether the roof light placed on the popular electric taxi is switched on or off. On a bright summer's day the issue is particularly prevalent with people trying to wave down taxis already in use.

Following early feedback from drivers and licensing authorities, some work was undertaken to improve the visibility of the light. According to the Coventry based taxi manufacturers, the ‘TAXI’ text was made bolder.

Assembly Member Keith Prince asked the Mayor of London whether he and Transport for London were working with LEVC to find a solution to the ‘confusion experienced by the public’ due to the illumination issue of the TX ‘For Hire’ light.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London responded: ”TfL is not aware of any complaints from the public about the ‘For Hire’ light on the TXe.

“Concerns have been raised with TfL by a taxi trade stakeholder and TfL has relayed these concerns to the vehicle manufacturer, LEVC, as this is a matter for them to consider.”

Earlier this year a newly designed LEVC TX taxi roof-light was spotted working in the capital after concerns over its performance on bright sunny days.

Image credit: Wayne Dawe

One eagle eyed taxi driver, Wayne Dawe, spotted the distinctive ‘TAXI’ light sporting a new black visor designed to shield sunlight away from the orange roof-light.


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