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TfL receive around 1,000 private hire driver applications EACH WEEK

Transport for London (TfL) receive around 1,000 applications to become a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver each week according to a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request response.

Talking on the topic of average PHV driver applicant turnaround times, a TfL spokesperson noted ‘we receive around 1,000 applications a week’.

TfL noted that the licence application process is multi-staged, which can involve requests for further information or clarity from applicants. There are also a number of elements in the licensing process that are outside of TfL’s control, such as the completion of an enhanced DBS check and submission of any required medical information.

For these reasons the processing of applications may take longer than expected. Other factors may also extend the time required to process applications, including the following (again, many of which are outside of TfL’s control):

  • Applications being submitted but found to be incomplete or inaccurate.

  • Checking that an applicant meets the mandatory requirements for licensing, such as the right to work in the U.K, and that they hold the relevant driving licence and driving experience.

  • Consideration of the applicant’s medical fitness and whether they meet the DVLA’s Group 2 standard of medical fitness to drive. This may include a full review of the applicant’s medical history by our medical advisors.

  • Ensuring that the applicant’s character meets the required standard, including a review of the results of an enhanced DBS check.

  • The candidate successfully completing the required assessments of their topographical skills and safety, equality and regulatory understanding (SERU) and completed of an English language speaking and listening test.

Currently there are over 107,000 PHV drivers licensed by TfL.


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