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TfL reveal number of private hire vehicle drivers warned for parking on taxi ranks in 2023

Updated: Apr 8

Transport for London (TfL) officers have taken action against 18 Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) drivers for leaving their vehicles unattended or illegally parked on taxi ranks throughout 2023.

According to data revealed by TfL, each of the drivers implicated were issued a warning letter in accordance with TfL's business regulations.

Maintaining clear taxi ranks is crucial for the efficient operation of the city's black cab services. These designated bays are reserved exclusively for licensed taxis, not only to facilitate easy access for passengers but also to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and prevent congestion.

When PHV drivers, or any other vehicles, occupy these spaces, it delays passengers and potentially compromises the passengers' understanding of what a licensed taxi is.

The distinction between taxis and PHVs is significant. Licensed taxis, often known as black cabs, are authorised to pick up passengers without prior booking and use taxi ranks. In contrast, PHVs must be pre-booked and are not permitted to use these ranks or pick up passengers hailing from the street.


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