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TfL reveals over 1,000 PHVs EXEMPT from displaying licence disc roundel

Transport for London (TfL), the regulatory body overseeing the city’s transport network, has revealed that over 1,000 Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) are exempt from displaying their licensing disc – also known as a ‘Roundel’ – as part of a recent Freedom of Information request.

Out of 89,058 PHVs active under TfL’s oversight, 1,192 of them have been granted exemptions from displaying the licensing disc. TfL generally considers the exceptional circumstances, nature of work to be carried out, and security of passengers when granting exemptions.

The most common reason given for these exemptions is the ‘unique nature of the business’, calling into question what sort of work is being carried out by these PHVs.

In addition, out of a total of 104,408 PHV drivers registered with TfL, only two have been granted exemptions from wearing their driver’s badge, meeting exemption criteria that have not been disclosed by TfL.

These exemptions have raised concerns regarding the regulation of the PHV industry, with some critics questioning how TfL enforces and monitors these exemptions to ensure passenger safety and maintain transparency.


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