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TfL to investigate incident where Uber driver allegedly used social media to connect with passenger

Image credit : TaxiPoint

Transport for London (TfL), the capital's transport authority, has said it will look into an incident where a female passenger has alleged that her Uber driver connected with her through social media without her revealing her Instagram handle and telling him she didn't want him to know it.

Using her Twitter account to highlight the worrying incident, the woman said that during her Uber journey the driver asked if she had an Instagram account to which she replied "yes", but refused to tell him what the account name was.

According to the passenger, the driver has now managed to find her on the social network, known for its photo sharing between friends and followers, and has added her to his "connections".

She said on Twitter: "Uber driver on Saturday asked if I had insta and I obv was like yea? Then he asked me for it and I said nah and he's just somehow added me?

"Sorry but this is scary behaviour when I know he knows my address as well?"

Transport for London has responded on the Twitter feed, saying: "Did this incident take place in London?

"If so, would you be able to DM us the information about this trip so we can investigate?

"We regulate operators like Uber and their drivers within London."

It was not revealed if the driver was in fact licensed with TfL, but if he was, the capital's taxi and private hire regulator has assured it will look into the alleged incident further.

Image credit : Twitter@TfLTPH


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