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TfL warns taxi industry of scammer impersonating an Enforcement Officer dishing out £80 cash fines

TfL (Transport for London) has issued an urgent warning to taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers following reports of an individual reportedly impersonating a TfL compliance officer. The man, dressed in regular clothing but sporting a TfL-branded high visibility top, has been attempting to issue on-the-spot fines of £80 to unsuspecting drivers.

According to an update shared by TfL with various trade groups to circulate amongst drivers, these fraudulent encounters have raised concerns about the safety and security of licensed drivers. It is believed that the imposter is exploiting the authority associated with TfL to extort cash fines from drivers.

TfL Operational Officers typically wear a recognisable uniform, unless deployed covertly for specific purposes. Genuine officers will always introduce themselves to licensees, provide a warrant card and an authority card, and will not demand immediate cash payments for fines.

In response to these incidents, TfL had appealed to all drivers to exercise caution and remain vigilant. If anyone comes across this individual, they are advised not to approach him. Instead, the incident should be immediately reported to the police by calling 101, providing the location as accurately as possible.

Drivers are being encouraged to share this information with colleagues in a bid to ensure that everyone remains informed and protected against potential scams. By raising awareness with the taxi associations and groups, TfL hopes to prevent any further instances of fraud or intimidation.


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