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TAXICARD: TfL working with Councils to improve taxi supply after ‘high number’ of cancellations

Image credit: LEVC

Transport for London (TfL) are working with London Councils and the Taxicard operator to improve the supply of taxis across the capital, after a ‘high number’ of cancellations was highlighted to the Mayor of London.

The London Taxicard scheme provides subsidised door to door journeys in licensed taxis and private hire vehicles for London residents who have serious mobility or visual impairments.

It is funded by the London boroughs and TfL, and managed by London Councils on their behalf.

Sian Berry, a Green Party London Assembly Member asked the Mayor: “A constituent has shared data with me that appears to show a high number of Taxicard bookings are cancelled by operators after they are made.

“Can you reassure me that Transport for London (TfL) ensures these cancelled journeys are not counted either as part of a disabled person’s limited number of rides, or as part of the journeys fulfilled by the scheme operator?”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, responded: “Although Transport for London (TfL) is the majority funder of the Taxicard scheme, the scheme itself is managed by London Councils on behalf of the London boroughs. As London Councils manages the service, rather than TfL, it monitors day-to-day performance and manages customer trip budgets.

“As with any transport service, there will sometimes be occasions when a Taxicard booking cannot be covered by the service provider (Com Cab London) due to a driver being unavailable to cover the journey. When this happens, London Councils has confirmed that the booking is not counted against a customer’s trip budget or by the service provider.

“Any customer who wishes to query an instance of this nature is encouraged to contact the Taxicard contact centre, where the matter can be looked into on their behalf.

“TfL and London Councils are working together to keep such experiences to a minimum. To this end, as I have previously reported, TfL has facilitated meetings between London Councils, the Taxicard operator and TfL’s Taxi and Private Hire Directorate to help identify ways to improve the supply of taxis in all areas of London.”


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